We’re Sorry

We have worked hard over the past ten years to earn our reputation as the top quality shoe manufacturer in this province. Our customers have come to expect only the best from us, and have come to trust to use only the best materials at every stage of the production process.

Three months ago, UPTOP Shoes began the production of the Elie-628 – an affordable version of the Elie-6000 strappy sandal. In our pursuit of affordability, we selected materials not up to our usual high standard. Within weeks, we began hearing from you about the poor quality of our new product. Thank you for this important feedback!


We made a mistake. We apologize.

While our decision to settle for an inferior material was motivated by the best of intentions, lowering our standards was a mistake and we apologize. We value the trust that you place in us and will work hard to earn it back.

Can we make it up to you?

We are discontinuing our Elie-628 product line effective immediately, and invite all customers who purchased the shoe and are unhappy with the quality to bring the product to one of our UPTOP outlets and exchange it for an Elie-6000 at no additional cost.

Next steps…

While we remain committed to the search for a more affordable alternative to our popular Elie-6000 product line,  we also understand that we cannot sacrifice quality for affordability. When we are ready to offer a version of the Elie-6000 that fits the tighter budget, our new product line will reflect in every way the quality and care you have come to expect from us in the past.

All our future decisions will be guided by our company motto: Quality. With every step.



Jennifer Frank
Founder and CEO, UPTOP Shoes



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